"Kiruna" bangle in silver with a raw amethyst found in the Kiruna mines

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This bangle is made in 925 silver. 2mm thick with a raw amethyst from deep down in the Kiruna mines.


This piece of jewelry is made by hand in Sweden with a amethyst crystal found in Kiruna.


This bangle is ready to be delivered and will be sent to you within 2-5 working days. 

Do you want one but have another size? Send me an e-mail to contact@malinivarsson.se and I will make one for you.


This bangle is one of a kind made in size S.

Measure around your wrist with a measuring tape: XS= ca -15cm, S = ca 15-17cm, M = ca 17-19cm, L = ca 19-21cm. 

The bangle is a bit adjusteble by pushing & pulling it. So if your having the size S you can also wear XS and M depending on how you like the fit.

If the bangle doesn't fit you we can of course fix it afterwards.