About Me

I create my jewelry  

Inspiration & Vision

Inspired by the Nordic contrasts between raw mountains, glittering stars and vibrant metropolitan areas, I create  my jewelry. Each piece of jewelry is made in one of my two workshops in Sweden, one placed in Umeå and the other one in Visby, my hometown.  My vision is to create timeless jewelry that can be worn in generations.  



After High School in 2013 I felt so tired of all the theoretical work and I knew it was time for me to finally do something with my hands. I always collected gemstones so when I found the education "Higher Education of Gemstone Technology and Design" I knew that was the education I wanted to attend.  The only disadvantage was that I had to move 1446km up north to a small village named Lannavaara. It was cold (often colder than -40 degrees Celsius), It was far away from everything, including my beloved family on Gotland. But I really loved the things we learned; gemcutting, gemhunting, gemmology, goldsmithing etc. I fell deeply in love with goldsmithing. I lived and studied in Lannavaara for two years. Then I moved back home to Visby to work in different goldsmith workshops and to start Malin Ivarsson Jewelry (2016). I felt that I had so much more to learn and I decided to become an apperantice. This took me to Umeå where I got a spot as an apperantice. In the fall of 2018 I got the journeyman certificate and in March 2019 I was done as an apparentice. Now I´m living my dream creating jewelry for you.