"Nugget" bracelet with a gold nugget from Finland

  • 3 900 SEK

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This beautiful nugget of gold is found by an old man in the north of Finland. He used a gold pan to find this. 


This bangle is made with a natural gold nugget and 18K gold chain & locker.

The gold nugget is natural and therefor unique in it´s shape. The ammount of gold in the nugget is at least 18K but probably over 20K. This nugget is ca 12x5x2mm.

Production & Delivery

This piece of jewelry is made by hand in Sweden.
This bracelet is in stock and will be sent to you within 2-5 working days.


This bracelet is adjusteble between 17cm,18cm & 19cm. It should fit you perfectly if your wrist is 16-18cm. 

 If the bracelet doesn't fit you we can of course fix it afterwards. You can also order a similiar bracelet in your size if you need a bigger or smaller one - email me at [email protected] if that is the case.