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Choose the right metal

Two rings, one in gold and the other in silver, showcasing a minimalist design.

Choosing a wedding and engagement ring can feel impossible. Which metal should you choose? Many people have an idea that you should match your rings with your partner, but it’s about time we break free from this! Do you want a white gold ring and your partner would prefer a red gold ring? Go for it! The important thing is that you each get a ring that you enjoy and feel that you can wear for many years to come.


Yellow, red, rosé or white gold. Real gold is simply the best. Never buy something gold plated! Gold-plated has only a super-thin surface of gold that wears away quickly during use. A real gold ring, on the other hand, keeps the color and is durable enough to hold stones and keep its shape. However, it can be important to mention that ALL rings, whatever metal they are made of, will be scratched! I can recommend handing in the rings to a jeweler once a year for plastering and to mend any wear.

Gold is the easiest metal to change in size and which is also why I think gold is such a great choice. Gold may be expensive but in the long run, it can be the cheapest and in addition, there is always a value in gold.


A wedding and/or engagement ring is meant to last a lifetime, so it's important to choose a metal that can withstand daily use. Silver is a metal that many Swedes like, but unfortunately silver is very soft. Silver get’s easily scratched and can easily be deformed, therefore I would not recommend silver for a ring that is going to be used every day. Especially not if it's a ring with stones in it because there’s a great risk that the silver will not be able to hold the stones in the long run.

For you who prefer silver, choose white gold instead! 18K white gold is a metal mixture that contains 75% gold and 25% other metals that make the metal mixture white and not golden. White gold is more durable than silver, can hold stones, and does not get as scratched. Platinum and palladium are also available as a choice, these are preferable in certain types of ring models. Unfortunately, Platinum and Palladium are not metals that I have in my assortment.

Titanium & Tantalum

Titanium and tantalum are a bit more modern ring materials that became more common a few years ago. If a person is allergic to most other metals and then titanium is a good choice. However, I would not recommend titanium or tantalum as they are very difficult to change in size. When you get your ring, you have a certain size on your finger and your size will probably change over the years. There’s a possibility that you will have to get the ring resized in the future. Titanium and tantalum are extremely hard materials and can not be soldered together and must be welded. This makes it very difficult to change these rings in size and most jewelers do not make major changes to these rings.