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Malin surrounded by a beautiful forest.

Three things that we highly value at Malin Ivarsson Jewelry are sustainability, craftsmanship, and people's living conditions. We are constantly striving to improve, create better, and make better choices in all aspects of our business that impact the rest of the world.

Gold & silver

A closer photo of diffrent gold jewelry

All of our jewelry is manufactured in Sweden, always using 100% recycled gold and silver. The gold comes from sources such as old jewelry and electronic components that have been melted down and purified, ensuring that the recycled gold maintains the same quality as newly mined gold. Our goal is to create jewelry of such high quality that you can cherish it for a lifetime (although, of course, they will occasionally require some care). We would never create jewelry using materials like gold-plated silver, as they do not stand the test of time. We exclusively craft jewelry in solid gold and silver that can be cherished for an extended period.

At Malin Ivarsson Jewelry, we do not maintain a stock of rings; instead, all rings are crafted upon order based on the customer's choice of metal, stones, size, and engraving. For other pieces such as earrings and necklaces, we offer a very limited collection, as we aim to avoid contributing to mass production.


A realistic image of gemstones

Gemstones hold a special place at Malin Ivarsson Jewelry, as Malin herself is a trained gemstone technician. We use conflict-free diamonds, meaning they are diamonds sourced through the Kimberley Process and are guaranteed not to support conflict. These diamonds often originate from Africa, and we have chosen to work with them due to their vital importance to a significant portion of the African population. We also source a considerable number of diamonds from Canada and Australia. When it comes to colored gemstones, our primary preference is to support small, family-owned mines in places like Sri Lanka. A new addition this year is that we will use recycled diamonds.

Packaging & materials

Two images side by side, showing off the packaging and materials used to showcase transparency.

We invest time in sourcing the perfect sustainable accessories for our jewelry. The idea is always for customers to save and store their jewelry in the boxes. Therefore, we prioritize sustainable product packaging. The packaging is made from FSC® certified cardboard. The FSC® label is your assurance that the material used comes from an FSC® forest where no more trees are felled than the forest can reproduce. This also means that the animal and plant life in the affected forests are protected, just as the forest workers are trained, equipped with proper safety gear, and receive fair wages.

Forests are vital for our survival – and we all must do our part to preserve them. Even most of our boxes and tissue paper have the same certification. The fabric pouches that accompany all rings are made from 100% organic cotton and are fair trade certified. Organic cotton is grown entirely without chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.

Logotypes of FSC, Fairtrade Cotton, Eco friendly.