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Proposal Guide

Two hands entwined, each adorned with an elegant engagement ring symbolizing love and commitment.

Photo: Sara Flyckt Photography

Are you planning to propose? Here's what you must know! Being a small part of someone else’s engagement is one of the most exciting things! I get a lot of questions from customers who ask me how to proceed! Therefore, I’ve put together a mini-guide for you who plan to propose to your love!

These tips are mainly for you that plan to "pop the question" and don't want your partner to suspect anything. I’ve compiled a list below of "do’s and don’ts" below. The list is mostly about how you should go about picking the ring, but some other smart tips as well.


Borrow a dummy ring – most of the goldsmiths (including myself) offer to lend a dummy ring that you can use in your proposal. Why you may ask. The chance of you purchasing the correct size is very low and the chances of your partner getting the ring of their dreams are perhaps, even lower.

If you don’t want to borrow a dummy ring, I suggest that you make a personal ring.  It doesn’t have to be made of precious metals; it can be made of your partner’s favorite candy or straw of grass from where you had your first picnic together – use your imagination! It's a perfect time to sit down together and decide how the rings should look after the proposal is made.

Hire a photographer to capture that very special moment! Just think of how amazing it would be to capture the moment that has changed your lives for the better.

A wedding couple holding hands and running.
Two people holding hands, showcasing their engagement rings.

Photo: Sara Flyckt Photography


Don’t buy the engagement ring unless you have the exact measurements and are completely sure that it’s the exact ring that your partner wants. In most cases, buying the ring before proposing doesn’t end up well – even though you may feel that it’s perfect. Let your partner decide.

Don’t go for the cliché as it appears on film. Instead, try to make it as personal as possible. Some people like the cliché and that is perfectly fine. But, there are even more people that prefer something simpler and more personal.

Don’t get performance anxiety! You will most likely be met with great joy followed by a “YES”. Even if it doesn’t go as planned it’ll be something that you will remember for the rest of your life. Maybe it’ll be better if it didn’t go as planned?