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Choose the right ring

Several rings in a row in both gold and silver.

Choosing the right ring can feel overwhelming among all the possible varieties available! Stress no more – with my guide I'll help you pick the perfect ring for you! 


Beautiful solitaire gold ring with a big gemstone

A solitaire ring is a classic and means that the ring has a larger stone. The stone can have many different shapes but the most common are round (brilliant-cut) or square (princess cut). The solitaire ring is often relatively high (the larger the stone, the higher the ring) and can often be felt to be out of the way for many, I personally think it’s more of a habit. I myself use very large solitaire rings and you simply get more and more used to it every day. And I always recommend removing the rings if you are going to do any activity with your hands, e.g. clean, wash dishes, do gym. This will also make your rings last longer. Since the solitaire ring has a larger stone, the ring is often the heaviest stone and it will move on the finger and not always sit straight. If you think it's too distracting, I would not choose a solitaire ring as it is basically inevitable that it will move. If you choose a solitaire ring, it is also important that you ask the person you are buying it from how easy it is to match with other rings. Many solitaire rings are built so that they can not have a regular straight ring lying next to them and if you had imagined a classic straight alliance ring to match with, it is sad if you later notice that it is not possible to have.


Gold alliance ring with multiplate gemsontes

Alliance is another classic and this type of ring entails that it has several, often smaller stones placed in a row in the ring rail. They can look different but it’s a good choice for you who want something more down-to-earth, not protruding. Perhaps you just want a few stones or stones all around the ring. It’s a matter of personal preference but I never recommend having stones all the way around. If you do, the ring will be difficult to change in size (this is usually needed over time) and the part of the ring that sits against the hand will take a lot of beating and wear quite quickly! If you are after that full coverage, you can put 3/4 stones on the ring.

Halo / Carmosé

Gold ring in a halo style with a black gemstone

Halo or carmosé ring means that you usually have a bigger center stone surrounded by a frame of smaller stones. These rings are similar to solitaire rings in practical terms, but they can usually be made slightly lower in height. Halo rings are often made to give to illusion of a larger stone, this means you can get the look of a large solitaire ring but at a lower price. It’s also common to have a colored stone in the middle with a few small white diamonds around. It frames it up nicely!


Plain and smooth gold ring

A plain ring simply means an ordinary ring without stones or any decoration. It can be straight, rounded, full round, etc. They can look different, but all plain rings are easy to wear! However, you should always remember to take these off you when doing the dishes or physical actives as the metal otherwise can be unnecessarily scratched. A plain ring is the most classic choice for men.

Tip! As a woman, it is common to have two rings, an engagement, and a wedding ring. For that reason, it’s a good idea when you’re choosing the engagement ring, to also look at the wedding ring to make sure they fit together. I’ve had far too many customers who have not received help with this in the store they bought their engagement ring and accidentally ended up buying a difficult-matched engagement ring. It is always possible to make a special matching ring in some special way, but it may not look like you dreamed of.