"Stardust" bangle in gold with two gemstones

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This bangle is made in 18K gold (choose between red, white or rose gold) with two gemstones on each side. 

The gemstones are 2mm each (ca 0,03ct x 2)

Thickness of the bangle is 1,5mm


This piece of jewelry is made by hand in Sweden with recycled gold.
This bangle is made to order after your ring size, choice of gemstones & choice of gold.


The delivery time is approximately 6-10 weeks.
Do you need your bangle faster? Email me at [email protected] and we will see what we can do. 

Size & choice of gemstones

Measure around your wrist with a measuring tape: XS= ca -15cm, S = ca 15-17cm, M = ca 17-19cm, L = ca 19-21cm.

The bangle is a bit adjusteble by pushing & pulling it. So if your having the size S you can also wear XS and M depending on how you like the fit. If the bangle doesn't fit you we can of course fix it afterwards.