"Swedish Ice" bangle in silver with a raw swedish rock crystal

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Millions of years ago these rock crystals were created in what is now the mountains in northern Sweden.

The stones in the Swedish Ice collection I have collected myself on hiking trips. 


This bangle is made out of 925 sterling silver and a raw swedish crystal quartz.


This piece of jewelry is made by hand in Sweden. The stone is found in Swedish Lapland.

Love to keep the whole production in Sweden.


This bangle is in stock and will be sent to you within 2-3 working days. Only one avaliable. 


This bracelet is made in size M-L but could be made smaller if needed.

Measure around your wrist with a measuring tape: XS= ca -15cm, S = ca 15-17cm, M = ca 17-19cm, L = ca 19-21cm.

The bangle is a bit adjusteble by pushing & pulling it. So if your having the size S you can also wear XS and M depending on how you like the fit.

If the bangle doesn't fit you we can of course fix it afterwards.