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Try at home kit

  • 300 SEK

Are you in love with Malin Ivarsson rings but want to try them out before ordering? Then you can order this try out kit with rings of your choice. You can only order this if you live inside of Sweden. The try out kit will be delivered to your mailbox or closest post office.

The rings

The try out rings look pretty much exacly like the real ones but are made in silver with fake (most often white cubic zirkonia) stones. Therefor the color of the metal will not be the same as the real rings. The size of the try on rings are between 51-53 for the gemstone rings & 51-53 or 63 for the plain rings. 

Don´t know your size?

Then you choose "Yes" at the question "Do you wan´t a ring sizer" & I will send a ring sizer together with the try out rings!


The try out kits costs 300sek each, no matter how many rings you want to try out (yes, you can choose as many as you want). The 300sek you pay you will get back if you order the real rings within 2 months after you receive the try out kit. The try out rings are only on loan, which means you have to send the rings back to me. The deadline of sending the rings back to me will be written in the letter following the try out kit, most often you will have a week to try them on. Easy instructions on how to send the rings back will also be written on the following letter.

If you don´t send the rings back to me you will be obliged to pay 2000sek for each plain ring & 5000sek for the gemstone rings I don´t get back. 

Queue for try out rings

Since I have a limited amount of  try out rings the delivery time of your try out kit will depend on which rings you choose. You will be put in a queue & get your kit as soon as it is your turn. The delivery time could be long for some rings. If it´s longer than 6 weeks I will reach out to you personally. If you wan´t to know more about how long the delivery time is, reach out to me & I will answer as good as I can. 

The delivery time for your order of the real ring after you have looked at the try out rings will depend on your customized choice of metals and gemstones, and will be stated when you place your order. Most rings have a delivery time of 6-10 weeks from the date of ordering. 

This rings are available:

Gemstone rings: Bellatrix, Juliet, Stardust, Vega, Cassiopeia, Cordelia, Barbarella, Cleopatra, Mrs Space, Mrs Space extra wide, Sputnik, Iris, Aurora, Aurora Sparkle, Aurora Super sparkle, North Star, North Star sparkle, Vega Sparkle, Orion, Ariel, Broken Halo sparkle, North Star mini, Galaxy, Andromeda, Venus, Ester, Mira, Artemis, Nina, Nova, Bianca no 1, Bianca no 2, Bianca no 3 and Bianca no 4.

Plain rings: Idun, Mars 1.6mm, Mars 4mm, Mars 6mm, Uranus 4mm, Uranus 5mm, Uranus 6mm, Polar 4mm, Castor 3.5mm,Castor 5mm, Roine.