"Minnesund" ring in gold with a raw emerald found in Minnesund, Norway

4 300 SEK

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The ring is made in 18K gold red (swedish standard) with a raw emerald crystal found in minnesund, Norway.

Height & width of the ring is ca 1,5x1,5mm. The ring has a round profile.

The size of the raw emerald is ca 3mm.

This ring is one of a kind in size 51. Do you have another size and want it? E-mail me and we will try to solve it.


This piece of jewelry is made in Sweden with recycled gold & a Norwegian emerald. 

This ring is in stock and ready to be delivered.


This necklace is in stock and will be sent to you within 2-5 working days. Only one avaliable.


The sizes on this ring is 51. E-mail me if you want a similar one in a different size.


Engravings inside of this ring is not included.

But it´s possible to engrave this ring if you buy engravings separatly. You can find "ring engraving" under "all products".